A sustainable clothing brand that exists to raise awareness and help protect the environment for future generations

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We exist to protect the outdoors and build a community around environmental appreciation.

When I started Inland Sea 3 years ago, not many people had heard the term ‘plastic pollution’.  Most people pretty much considered ‘Climate Change’ a laughing matter and the throwaway culture was thriving… Then, along came Greta Thunberg and David Attenbourgh’s Blue Planet and the tide suddenly changed.  The world was mobilised to make a difference and a new culture was born.

Whilst these are very worrying times, they are also exciting times of opportunity to come up with new innovative ideas and solutions to help tackle pollution and a planet that is dangerously warming fast.

Our brand is here to help raise awareness of all these massive issues, and is committed to make a difference to people’s way of thinking about waste and pollution.



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Delivery is free to the UK on all orders over £50