Introducing SeaBlend, T-Shirts made from seaweed fibre.

Pre-order your t-shirt now, made from a blend of organic cotton and SeaCell. One of the most sustainable clothing ranges ever made.

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Sweaters and hoodies made from recycled clothing.

Perfect for Spring, check out our full selection of hoodies and sweaters all made ethically made from recycled organic and recycled plastic bottles.

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Organic cotton kids t-shirts

Affordable kids t-shirts made from organic cotton.

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We invest in seaweed farms to help offset your carbon footprint

For every order made we invest in seaweed farms which in turn help soak up carbon from the atmosphere.

The average European’s carbon footprint is just over 1/2 a tonne of CO2e per month.

By investing in seaweed farms we have a realistic solution to off-set your carbon footprint and help tackle the climate crisis.

Seaweed is going to save the world!


Clothing made from seaweed fibre (SeaCell)

Our clothing uses Ascophyllum nodossum (Knotted Wrack) seaweed which is found commonly throughout the Atlantic coast