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A Solution to Plastic Pollution

A solution to plastic pollution


Everyone used to love plastic, it was great! We had plastic furniture, plastic toys and even plastic leather – or pleather if you want to get technical about it.

The thing is plastic is now a major worry for modern society and our global environment. Plastic is out of control! Someone needs to take it’s car keys away and call a taxi.

A solution to plastic pollution

Have a look around you now, how much plastic can you see? It’s everywhere! The fact is plastic will never disappear once it’s produced as a consumable good. That toothbrush you used this morning, that plastic bag you used today, even the plastic toy telephone you had as a kid (come on, we all had one.) Ultimately they will all be disposed of and will make their way into our oceans and groundwater.

Bad times, eh? Bad for us, our children, our children’s children and the worst news for our environment and the creatures we share it with. So, how about we do something about it and work together to find a solution to raise awareness?


It’s not all doom and gloom however, there is now serious hope and a solution which has been developed by brilliantly named Dutch inventor Boyan Slat. Back in 2013 at the ripe age of 18, Boyan Slat founded The Ocean Clean Up and decided to defy the sceptics that the world would never get rid of it’s plastic pollution. He went about inventing a solution to collect the plastic from the oceans so it could be then recycled.

By utilising the ocean currents, this simple but hugely effective and scalable invention could actually be the solution to clean up our oceans and help rid plastic from the food chain.

Watch all about how this is going to be achieved here:

There are various ways to support the fight against plastic pollution, here at Inland Sea we have created a T-Shirt you can buy which donates £5 of every sale to Surfers Against Sewage. This will then be used to help raise awareness and combat the issue.

Raise awareness of plastic pollution

Other useful links and ways to raise awareness and funds for projects which will help tackle the issue;

The Ocean Clean Up

Surfer’s Against Sewage

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