The Story

Adam Costello surfing age 16

Unbeknown to him, Adam was born an ‘inlander’…

Getting plonked in a car most weekends and holidays to go and spend sunshine and windy rain soaked days in a caravan by the sea in Wales.

The sea became an instant passion and obsession, a place of refuge, a place of joy and a place of fear. In the days way before surf schools and internet surf forecasts Adam along with his brother and gang of buddies taught themselves to surf.

With no real surf scene or influence it became a very organic and natural process, one that would be engrained in them forever…

Fast forward 20 years and the Inland Sea is born… an ethical, creative, adventure clothes brand which has its roots in the city, ocean and mountains.

Adam and his buddies formed Inland Sea to showcase their creative talents, raise awareness of environmental issues and as an excuse to go on big adventures as much as they possibly could in the hope to promote the brand and ethical ways!

So a new story begins, hope you can join us for the ride!

Born in the city, thrown in the sea…

Inland Sea - ethical clothing brand