The Current - News and Interviews

  • The Origins of Earth Day

    So today marks the 52nd ever official Earth Day!

    The first one happened in 1970, and was organised as a response and protest against a massive oil spill which effected the shores of Santa Barbara, US...

  • The Current - April

    Sun, snow, seaweed and daffodils...

    April is definitely a funny one, new birds singing, lots of flowers desperate to bud and here at Inland Sea, spinning fibres containing seaweed with cotton to make our own fabric... read the full update and more here.

  • Seaweed Sunday Seaweed powered cars

    This Seaweed Sunday we are focusing on a potential way of dealing with the energy crisis, which not many of us have considered.

    Biofuels made from seaweed that would power your car, or campervan!

  • T-shirt Design Competition

    Attention all artists, young and old!

    Do you fancy your artwork being printed on one of our new UK made T-shirts that contain seaweed?

  • Seaweed Sunday - Pressing Seaweed

    Is everyone starting to talk about seaweed? 

    Well we know how much can be done with it and the problems it could solve. 

    But have you considered, just how beautiful this often dismissed slimy brown stuff is? 

  • Seaweed Sunday - Mermaid's Purse

    This Sunny Seaweed Sunday, we are breaking the rules and not actually featuring seaweed, but something that a lot of us might think is seaweed...

    Every wondered what these brown pouches are that get washed up on the beach?

  • The Current - March

    And so it begins...

    In the wonderful style of Spring, we are delighted to announce that UK manufacturing has now begun, using a fibre containing seaweed and fully traceable cotton. 

    We hope to produce, one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics ever made...

  • Seaweed Sunday - Get foraging!

    Every Sunday we are going to bring you some interesting facts and uses for our favourite living marine treasure, seaweed.

    To kick us off this week, did you know all species of seaweed found with in UK waters are edible...

  • The Current - February

    "No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead..."

    Well there's not really been much of a Winter here in the UK but then there's still time! 

    Our monthly Newsletter is out, with a full update from Adam about the new very exciting UK manufacturing of our SeaBlend T-shirts...

  • UK Manufacturing here we come!

    Exactly 1 year on from when we launched our Kickstarter to create a T-shirt range made using seaweed fibre, we are super pleased, ecstatic in fact!...to announce we are just about to start manufacturing our own SeaBlend T-shirt range here in the UK.
  • Feedback to win!

    Would you like to win one of our new UK manufactured T-shirts containing seaweed?

    If you supported the Kickstarter or have bought one of our SeaBlend T-shirts (containing seaweed) we need your feedback.

    You may have heard the news but we are now manufacturing our own T-shirt range (containing seaweed) here in the UK.
  • Save up to 50%!

    Hey! Happy New Year!

    We hope you all enjoyed the festive period and everyone is safe and well.

    We've just gone live with our biggest sale yet.  Simple enough, you can now save up to 50% on all our in stock eco friendly clothing and accessories.  We have also added 10% off our Print on Demand clothing too. Enjoy!