The Current - News and Interviews

  • Women of The Sea

    As part of our celebration of the ocean this month we’ve been inspired by the Ama Women of Japan, free diving fisherwomen who walk along the seabed for up to two minutes collecting and harvesting sea vegetables. In honour of the Ama, we’ve collected stories of women on our little island.
  • SAS 250 Club Members + interview

    We are super proud to announce our Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) 250 Club membership!

    Although we have been members for some time now, we were waiting to announce it with an interview with SAS all about the incredible work they have been doing since their formation in 1990 in response to awful sewage problems here in the UK.  Since then they have done some incredible work and really ramped up their scope and audience in recent years to help solve plastic pollution and be part of the the fight for the planet's survival. 

  • Seaweed vs fast fashion

    Glance outside a window at any given time and the streets are heaving with it. When you flick onto the internet or open social media you’re bombarded with images of it and if you’re totally honest, I bet you have quite a bit in your wardrobe. Fast fashion is everywhere, like glitter on a kids face after pre-school, and we have 18.6 billion tonnes of landfill waste from 2020 to prove it.
  • Interview with Car-y-mor

    Translating to ‘For the Love of the Sea,’ Car-y-mor is a farm unlike many you’ve seen before. For a start, this farm requires zero inputs (no fresh water, fertiliser, feed or land), it sequesters carbon and nitrogen and produces the most sustainable form of food production on the planet.
  • Interview with Phill Boyd

    If you’ve never had a chance to visit Abersoch but have heard whispers of the legendary beauty of its coastline, do yourself a favour and take a look at Phill Boyd’s photography, however, I can’t guarantee when you’ll next come up for air. That’s how I discovered and fell in love with Abersoch - through Phill Boyd’s lens.
  • Algae Art - Artists inspired by seaweed

    Seaweed has not only been used as a source of food, medicine and fuel since the beginning of time, the sea vegetable has also been a source of inspiration for artists. If you climb out over the rocks on the beach or spend some time amongst rock pools you can really see why.


  • Interview with Pat Mckeeman

    Pat Mckeeman is a force of nature. An all action camera operator, multi-cam supervisor and jib operator with credits under his belt from BBC’s Plan...
  • Greenwashing

    My name is Victoria Cook and I’m a fast-fashionoholic. Well, I used to be. For a while my favourite activity was tapping on Instagram fashion adver...
  • Interview with Jen Wood of Dirtbags Climbing

    During the turmoil of last Novembers US election, Emily Harrington quietly became the forth woman to free-climb El Capitan, the great, granite, 300...
  • Wetsuit Up-Cycling Scheme

    Do you have an old wetsuit rotting in the garage? If so, we want it! We are super excited to be working with our friends, Dirtbags Co, who are bas...
  • We have a winner!

    As part of our Kickstarter to create a clothing range made from seaweed fibre, we gave the chance to vote for a favourite design from 6 different d...
  • Kickstarter success!

    So we hit our target with 24 hours to go, and managed to raise a total of £14,252.  A massive thank you to everyone involved in making this project...