Act Now TeeWeed Project

We are super excited to announce a new t-shirt project with a twist!

We have partnered up with Green Ocean Farming to invest in a seaweed farm.

Did you know that growing seaweed per acre can help to take up 20 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than land-based forests.   

Our message is that we need to Act Now in the face of the climate crisis, but we didn't want to release just another t-shirt, we wanted to create a t-shirt that not only raised awareness of the climate crisis but helped to tackle the problem too.

We therefore pledge to invest 2% of our profits each year into a seaweed farm.  (Restoration and habitat enhancement, rebuilding marine environments through seaweed farming).

To help launch this new project we need YOU to get involved!  We have teamed up with an incredible illustrator from Barcelona called Andreu Zaragoza who has created us 3 awesome designs.  It is now up to you to choose which one we will go for on the first print t-shirt batch.

Please VOTE BELOW. We will then create the t-shirt for a women's and men's/unisex fit ready for Christmas!  Voting closes on Friday 2oth November.


Thanks for all the votes, we have a winning design!