How to go Plastic Free by Laura Young

Laura Young AKA Less Waste Laura is a climate activist, public speaker, zero waste advocate and environmental scientist, based in Glasgow. 

Vic recently caught up with Laura to get some top tips in how to reduce and potentially eliminate your plastic consumption.

What tips would you give somebody who would like to make a few positive changes in reducing plastic in their house?

It is really simple and dramatically reduces your waste in a few weeks. First, start by collecting all of your waste (landfill and recycling) for 2 weeks. After this time lay it out and have a look. Then pick your ‘worst’ items and start with finding solutions and alternatives to them. This is a targeted approach, starting with what we are worst at, and making the most difference at the start. Keep doing this process over and over, and eventually you will see a big change in your waste! Take it one thing at a time to keep it sustainable. You’ll find that this helps you work at a sustainable pace, only finding swaps for the biggest wasteful items in your life, but one at a time!

Is there a plastic free product you absolutely love?

Funnily enough the first two items I tried from the zero waste world, but the two which I’ve found the most life changing and easy. I can’t believe that I have had waste free periods for over 3 years now, saving so much waste, worry, and money! I also love the simplicity of a shampoo bar, and find it great for travelling and saving money.

What action could people take who would love to see their supermarket reduce needless plastic wrapping?

Whether it's a conversation with the cashier, filling in an online feedback form, or emailing in with some of your wishes as a consumer - your voice matters, and if enough of us do this, they will listen. I would also suggest to vote with your money, be that switching to a supermarket which is doing more for plastic free options, or choose from within, finding options with the least packaging to show your support financially. I have found pasta and rice in cardboard boxes, buying more fruit and veg loose in my own bags, and getting bakery items loose and finding cardboard alternatives to plastic.

Any tips on spreading the word to family members and colleagues without seeming preachy?

Whether thats the ‘wins’ finding new products or making change, and using platforms like your social media to show this off, or even your journey, the highs and the lows. There is a whole community online which you can join, but you can also help raise awareness by sharing what you are doing throughout your network!

You can read more about Laura's brilliant work on website here, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter here.

You can also watch her awesome TedX talk here too.