Kickstarter success!

So we hit our target with 24 hours to go, and managed to raise a total of £14,252. 

A massive thank you to everyone involved in making this project happen. Now the real work begins as we setup the business to invest into seaweed farms here in the UK to help offset our carbon footprint and also look at how seaweed can be used to help tackle all the complexities of the climate crisis. 

If you pledged for a reward of a t-shirt we have updated you by email, please email info@inlandsea.co.uk if you have no received this email and we will get straight back to you.

The next steps for the t-shirt are to agree on a final design.  Here are just some of the possible designs which our pledgers will be able to choose from.  Please note we will be printing 2 adult t-shirt designs and 1 kids.  The 2 adults will consist of our branded Inland Sea t-shirt and the other will include the tittle of the Kickstarter; 'Does my carbon footprint look big in this?'.  The kids t-shirt will include our brand logo.  

Every pledger will receive an educational booklet about seaweed, entitled 'Seaweed will save the world'.

Here are some highlights of the 37 days of the Kickstarter journey.  Such an incredible time and we have made climate change history with a realistic solution to the climate crisis.  If we can invest in seaweed farms here in the UK we have an amazing chance to help capture carbon at an incredibly fast rate, as well as potentially solve many other climate change issues.

Kickstarter - clothing made from seaweed fibre