Kickstarter update, 10 days to go! + 5 benefits of seaweed

There's just 10 days left of the Kickstarter, we aim to create a clothing range made using seaweed fibre and also invest back into seaweed farms to help offset our carbon footprint.  This unique model is the first of its kind and we hope that other like minded businesses will go on to invest in seaweed farms here in the UK to help tackle climate change.

However! The project won't happen without your help and support.  We realise we are living through uncertain times, but we know that the climate crisis is the biggest threat to humanity. We have been given less than 10 years to cut our emissions which hopefully can stop the planet from warming to a tipping point and avert an irreversible climate disaster. 

We hope that our idea is a huge step in the right direction, not only for the fashion industry but to help pave the way for other businesses to use this type of innovative idea; to invest in seaweed farms and therefore help to offset your carbon footprint and contribute to solving the climate crisis.

5 Big World Saving Facts about Seaweed

The benefits of seaweed seem endless, we are learning of new research all the time of how seaweed can be used to tackle all the different complexities of the climate crisis.  

Benefit 1 - Help tackle pollution 

Seaweed can help pollution

Seaweed has been proven to help soak up carbon and nitrogen from inside the sea and also help to revitalise so called 'dead zones' in the sea where sea life has been killed off by man made activity. 

Benefit 2 - Seaweed soaks up carbon at an incredible rate

Seaweed carbon capture

Certain types of kelp can grow from up to 7cm to 20cm a day, which is insanely fast!  Seaweed helps to soak up carbon from the atmosphere in the same way rainforests do through the process of photosynthesis, except seaweed absorbs so much more than rainforests.  Also because it grows so quick this process is thought to happen much quicker. 

Benefit 3 - Seaweed when fed to cattle has been proven to reduce methane production by up to 90%

Seaweed reducing methane in cows

Various studies have found that when a certain type of tropical seaweed is fed to cows even in very small amounts it has proven to reduce methane production (when cows burp) by up to 90%.  There is still a lot of research going on with this, as cows were reported to eat less of the feed given to them in the feed, however this is a huge step in the right direction to reduce methane in cattle.  Methane is a green house gas which contributes to a hotter planet. 

Benefit 4 - Eating seaweed is incredibly good for you

Seaweed is good for thyroid problems

Seaweed is a super food with incredible powers.  It is naturally high in iodine which contributes to a good metabolism, thyroid health, cognitive function, means it is good for the skin, aids growth in children and is good for the nervous system.

Benefit 5 - Seaweed helps plastic pollution

Only this year research has shown that a certain type of seagrass has been naturally trapping tiny particles of plastic pollution into bundles of fibre which have earned the name 'Neptune balls'. 

These are just some of the big reasons why we are so excited to work with and promote seaweed and in-particular seaweed farming.  We want to get this right though and welcome peoples thoughts and feelings towards our concept and ideas.