Print on Demand

You may have already noticed some of our garments are on Print on Demand.  But we have now officially launched this service after feedback from people who love it and we have now ironed out all the issues!

So, what does Print on Demand mean?

Well, essentially Print on Demand (POD) means we will only print the garments you order which means less waste as we will never end up with wasted surplus stock.  It also means we can supply pretty much all sizes and you have a wider choice of designs and colours across more styles.

The only downside is your order will take between 5 and 7 days to arrive as we create the garment.  

You can even try on the garments before you buy in our shop in Macclesfield to ensure the size and fit is good, then we can take the order to be delivered to you within 7 days...

We have always used environmentally friendly packaging but recently we have gone that 1 step further from using recycled cardboard to now 100% biodegradable packaging. You can learn more about this in our blog next week.