SeaBlend™ Official Launch

Tuesday 21st June

You may have heard we are creating the first ever UK made T-shirt that contains SeaCell and Australian 'Super' Cotton.  You may be thinking, so what?! 

Well, we all know how the world has changed pretty radically and in a very short space of time.  For the UK, this mainly applies to the huge change in the way we have to do business and trade in Europe and across the world.  Whether you are a Brexiteer or not, we have had to look inwards and bring manufacturing back to the UK if we want Brexit, or the new way of trading, to be a success.  

If we're honest we didn't actually plan to manufacture here in the UK for that reason, we wanted to do it purely to help solve the climate crisis and reduce our carbon footprint and also to ensure we had full control and transparency on the materials and working conditions.  It has just turned out that with the energy crisis, the on-going war in the Ukraine and trading issues caused by Brexit, that it suits and works so much better to manufacture here, and if we can, why not?  Isn't UK manufacturing exactly what we all want?  Made in the UK!  YAY!

Seaweed fibre T-shirts

The last 6 months have been spent making this happen, we have therefore become the first ever business to import SeaCell from Germany into the UK and spin the raw fibre with cotton at English Fine Cottons in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester. 

Save the date!

If you would like to be part of history, the officially launch for Pre-orders of our SeaBlend™ range is Tuesday 21st June.

Want to know more about the T-shirt, read on!

SeaBlendUK Irish Sea Grey T-shirt

The T-shirts are 180gsm and come in 3 colours, Deep Ocean Blue, Irish Sea Grey and Natural. The fabric has a super luxurious feel to it, with the long staple cotton blend and SeaCell, we have produced an extremely strong fabric that is also incredibly soft and kind to your skin. 


SeaBlendUK SeaCell T-shirts made in the UK

There are 3 colours in plain, Irish Sea Grey, Deep Ocean Blue and Natural (un-dyed), along with a limited edition of our Guide to Waves T-shirt, a design by illustrator Ali Elly, and some very exciting new collaborations and brand partnerships to be released.

Uk made seaweed design T-shirts

Check back on Tuesday 21st for the official launch to pre-order.