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  • The Current - November

    Warm isn't it!  Well hopefully Winter will arrive soon as it's that time of year again when we release our hand knitted socks, designed and created by our very own Nana Joss.  Knitted throughout the year we have now released the first batch. 

    These sell super quick so to avoid being disappointed order today.  All made from Merino Wool, they are perfect for hiking or just wearing around the house this Winter.

    We also have packaging, gift boxes and a limited edition series of beanies all made from seaweed...

  • We're having a party!

    Truly sustainable T-shirts made in the UK To celebrate the launch of our brand new T-shirt range, made from our very own fabric we're having a smal...
  • The Current - July

    June has come and gone, Summer has officially started and we have launched the Pre-Orders of our SeaBlend T-shirts made using our very own fabric, from yarn spun here in the North of England.

    Not only are we making clothing that contains seaweed, we have got packaging made from the slimy green and brown stuff now too!

    We were down in London last month at the Future Fabrics Expo, dive in to see what we discovered...

  • SeaBlend™ Official Launch

    Tuesday 21st June You may have heard we are creating the first ever UK made T-shirt that contains SeaCell and Australian 'Super' Cotton.  You may b...
  • Seaweed Sunday Seaweed powered cars

    This Seaweed Sunday we are focusing on a potential way of dealing with the energy crisis, which not many of us have considered.

    Biofuels made from seaweed that would power your car, or campervan!

  • Seaweed Sunday - Pressing Seaweed

    Is everyone starting to talk about seaweed? 

    Well we know how much can be done with it and the problems it could solve. 

    But have you considered, just how beautiful this often dismissed slimy brown stuff is? 

  • Seaweed Sunday - Mermaid's Purse

    This Sunny Seaweed Sunday, we are breaking the rules and not actually featuring seaweed, but something that a lot of us might think is seaweed...

    Every wondered what these brown pouches are that get washed up on the beach?

  • Seaweed Sunday - Get foraging!

    Every Sunday we are going to bring you some interesting facts and uses for our favourite living marine treasure, seaweed.

    To kick us off this week, did you know all species of seaweed found with in UK waters are edible...

  • Feedback to win!

    Would you like to win one of our new UK manufactured T-shirts containing seaweed?

    If you supported the Kickstarter or have bought one of our SeaBlend T-shirts (containing seaweed) we need your feedback.

    You may have heard the news but we are now manufacturing our own T-shirt range (containing seaweed) here in the UK.
  • The Current - December

    Happy Christmas! 

    What an incredible year it's been, the highlight was obviously our successful Kickstarter to create a T-Shirt range made using seaweed fibre.  That project seems to have ignited our business gaining world wide exposure and helping to highlight seaweed as a serious way to contribute to solving the climate crisis.

  • Opps! We Greenwashed ourselves...

    So, we may have made a BIG mistake and accidentally 'greenwashed' ourselves...

    Since COP26 we have had a rethink as we realised making a statement such as 'we plant a tree to offset our carbon footprint' was effectively a true eco warriors worst nightmare...

  • The Current - November

    Yesterday I was scraping ice off the van windscreen at 7am, ice!  That must mean Winter is around the corner and with hundreds of golden leaves piling up and the smell of fireworks everywhere, it's definitely Autumn.