The Current - April

Painting by Adam Costello

Sustainable T-shirts made in the UK

How great was that little spell of Summer in Winter and now Winter in Spring?!  Confusing for you, me and the daffodils!

We are definitely looking forward to the days getting warm again, as snow is forecast this week and weather warnings for snow up in Scotland, come on British Spring time, you can do it!

I had a great paddle up the Inland Sea in the heat, foraged for some seaweed to make some more seaweed pressings (results coming soon!)...

Seaweed on the Inland Sea, Anglesey

Climate Positive Clothing

So, the major update we have is actually an update about delays.  With the world changing at an alarming rate it's not only the confusing weather we have to contend with but confusing price hikes in absolutely everything.   It makes life difficult for everyone and we really feel for lower income house holds who will really begin to struggle with the cost of living crisis only set to get worse.

For us, delays have happened in the UK manufacturing stages and we are currently about a month behind due to a lack of staff down due to covid.  The good news is, the spinning is happening with confirmation that it is going ahead this week, meaning we will then be able to determine deadlines for the other manufacturing processes such as the knitting, dyeing and sewing. 

Blending SeaCell in the UK

 (1).  The bales SeaCell (containing seaweed) ready to be processed.  (2).  The Australian Super Cotton which will be blended with the SeaCell. (3).  The first part of the process to break the fibre down before it is blended into yarn ready for knitting.

More good news is we have the T-shirt samples ready to photograph, we will then use Photoshop to mockup each design and get these our for pre-orders.

All our brand partnership designs are ready, so we are very excited to publish these!

How Kelp Helps us London event

We have a few events happening this month, I have been invited down to London to speak at Kelp Forest - Enhancing Biodiversity and Fighting Climate Change on Friday 8th talking on the panel about what Kelp/Seaweed can do for us.  Then travelling quickly back up north, we are at Manchester's Future Fashion Fair all day.  I am again giving a talk all about UK manufacturing of our new fabric which is being spun here in the North West.  Then finally on Saturday 23rd we are up in Edinburgh, for the Conservation Film Festival.

Future Fashion Fair Manchester

Hopefully see you out there! 

Adam :)