The Current - June

It's been all hands on deck during May, with full focus on the completion of our yarn made from SeaCell and Australian Super Cotton.  There's been many challenges since we imported the fibre back in late February, but this development was never going to be straight forward, as it has never been spun here in the UK before. 

Working with our partners English Fine Cottons, who have developed the yarn and process to blend SeaCell and the cotton, working tirelessly to provide the perfect blend, which will result in one of the world's most luxurious and sustainable fabrics, made right here in the UK.

The great news is, we have done it! And here's the proof.  The first ever cone of yarn made using SeaCell and fully traceable Australian 'Super' Cotton.

UK made yarn from SeaCell and Cotton

Adam (right) being handed the first ever UK made SeaCell and Cotton yarn by Andy Ogden (left) at English Fine Cottons.

The blend we have ended up producing, consists of 30% SeaCell and 70% cotton.  We will have completed around 1 tonne of fabric by the end of this month, and hope to have around 2200 garments fully completed by the end of July, with staged releases of each T-shirt range.  The first being available for delivery by the first week of July.

June will now be filled the completion of the yarn blend, knitting of the yarn which will be completed in Leicester, dyed in Leicester and then back up to the north west for sewing at English Fine Cottons.  The final process is the printing of each T-shirt, which will be completed again in Cheshire.

Alongside the manufacturing we are documenting the entire process, to show full traceability and transparency.  We are also hoping to monitor the energy used for the whole process and therefore the carbon, to hopefully prove a carbon negative and climate positive clothing range.

Uk made fabric containing SeaCell and Cotton

SeaCell and Australian Super Cotton yarn made in the UK

Uk made fabric containing SeaCell

More updates imminent!