The Current - November

eco-friendly clothing

Truly sustainable T-shirts all made in the UK

Last night the clocks went back, so it's officially getting into Winter here in the UK.  Although the temperature display inside the van seems to think it's more like August, we've had unusually scary temperatures recently and not because its Halloween on Monday.  Low pressure after low have been pulling in very southerly air for weeks now, keeping the temperature above 15C even through the night.  On a recent trip to Anglesey the temperature was 17C at 9pm...  The average temps in October are usually between 7C and 14C.

We know this is because the climate crisis is ramping up, the reason our brand exists is to raise awareness of the warming planet and to offer realistic solutions to this massive problem.  In supporting us you are in turn helping to solve the climate crisis as we are constantly searching for solutions, which is why we work with renewable resources like seaweed and ensure full transparency in our supply chain and suppliers.

Talking of supply chain we have now published our full suppliers and production which you can read about on Our Fabric page here.


Sustainable clothing supply change


Merino wool socks and beanies hand made in the UK

Gearing up for Christmas we have new socks, beanies and our full T-shirt range is now available.  

Merino Wool Socks

Carbon neutral T-shirts

Thanks once again to all our brand partners who have supported our UK made T-shirts, all to help raise awareness of environmental issues that we are constantly faced with.  One largely unknown issue is on boats and ships, that when it flakes off in the sea is a massive contributor to plastic and microplastic pollution.  We teamed up with Finsulate UK and created a T-shirt available here.


Sustainable clothing


Nana Joss has once again been busy knitting socks and beanies, all made from Merino Wool, plus some very limited edition beanies made from 100% seaweed yarn and a variety of up-cycled denim yarn.

Seaweed yarn beanie

Beanies made from seaweed

Sustainable Christmas Presents

We also now have our collaboration T-shirts we completed with ocean advocates and lovers of wine, Sea Change Wine.  Available in Deep Ocean Blue, Irish Sea Grey and in both unisex and women's fit, a perfect sustainable Christmas present.

Sustainable Christmas Presents