The Origins of Earth Day

Earth Day

So today marks the 52nd ever official Earth Day!

The first one happened in 1970, and was organised as a response and protest against a massive oil spill which effected the shores of Santa Barbara, US.


At the time the US had a serious pollution problem mainly caused by a huge consumption of leaded gas which was used for very inefficient vehicles.  The madness of the time was that people actually thought pollution was a sign of prosperity and it wasn't thought to cause health issues let alone environmental issues.

In some ways we have come very far in the 52 years of the official Earth Day, but in many other ways we really haven't as we still completely rely on fossil fuels to help make the world run.  We have mass movements now which come from organisation such as Extinction Rebellion who are going to every length possible to disrupt the fossil fuel industries and force governments to change.  Scientists are constantly warning us all that we are at a tipping point and we need alternative ways to exist and fast!  

Here at Inland Sea though we are definitely optimistic!  As we know that the real alternatives are out there, and they work (you know that stuff called seaweed!).  It just needs the people to make the right choices now and for new innovative ideas to take hold. 

I listened to an interview with Elon Musk recently, which will help motivate and definitely make anyone who is worried about the future, be inspired and even be excited by what's to come, whether you want to live on Mars or not! 

But like back in 1970, we still need to fight the fight and push for change...



Elon Musk Ted Talk