UK Manufacturing here we come!

We are super pleased, ecstatic in fact!...

To announce we are just about to start manufacturing our own SeaBlend T-shirt range here in the UK.

T-shirts made from seaweed fibre made in the UK

We launched our Kickstarter exactly 1 year ago on Friday, where we successfully raised enough funds to create our own T-shirts made from seaweed fibre.  Since then, due to loads of amazing press and our brilliant customers, we have now secured manufacturing here in the UK.  This is going to enable us to build a truly sustainable fashion brand, from the roots up.

In the same way we set out to be with our Kickstarter, we are going to be fully transparent, documenting every step of the way about the manufacturing process.  This will mostly involve Adam doing live shares on Instagram as everything develops, so you can see the twists and turns of all the processes and work involved. 

The fabric is going to be spun here in Cheshire, at English Fine Cottons who are the only commercially operating cotton mill in the UK.  We will then be knitting, dying and sewing the garments within the North West, which again will all be documented.

English Fine Cottons

As with our Kickstarter, we are again going to be using a seaweed fibre called SeaCellTM, which is made in Germany. It uses seaweed that is sustainably wild harvested in Iceland and a process known as Viscose, using sustainably sourced wood pulp which is then mixed with seaweed to then produce a fibre.  We will be then spinning this fibre with cotton to produce the fabric. 

Australian Cotton

The cotton we will use in the first phase of manufacture is called Australian Cotton which use a framework called Planet, People, Paddock.  They are one of the world leaders in sustainable cotton production. 

The North West, where both our shop and the cotton mill is located has a long history and heritage of working cotton mills. Some have been left derelict, some have been turned into big modern apartment blocks, and some are still used as working mills.  

As the UK was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 20th Century, we can now hope to be at the centre of the Green Revolution at the beginning of the 21st Century and show the world how we can produce truly sustainable garments, which are both good for people and the planet. 

This is an incredibly exciting time, which has come about as a positive reaction to the climate crisis, it's awesome to have you along for the ride. 

Pre-orders of the T-shirts go live on Friday 21st January.

We will be announcing various brand partnerships too over the coming weeks. 

Adam 😊