We have a winner!

As part of our Kickstarter to create a clothing range made from seaweed fibre, we gave the chance to vote for a favourite design from 6 different designs we put together.  

This was completed by an online survey where you could vote for your favourite design by anyone who pledged for that particular reward.  The votes are now in and we are pleased to announce the winning design!

The design chosen was design number one by illustrator Andreu Zaragoza.  We are now finalising that design to add colour and refine slightly.  We will therefore update this blog post with the final design.

If you weren't one of the brilliant backers who pledged to get one of the t-shirts, the t-shirt will be available to buy on the website next week. 

We are also adding 3 other new t-shirts (made from seaweed fibre) to the shop which will include 2 other unisex designs, women's sizes as well as a kids t-shirt. Please note if you selected more than one t-shirt you will have the choice of these as part of the reward you choose.  This winning design is specific for the 'Does my carbon footprint look big in this?' t-shirt reward. 

We are in the final production stage with our manufacturers and the full order is now placed, so we are on target to have the t-shirts ready by mid May in time for the Summer! 

Design 1 (First place)
Seaweed fibre t-shirts


Results from the Kickstarter vote

Design 2 (Second place)

Seaweed fibre t-shirts

Design 3 (Third place)

Seaweed fibre t-shirts

Design 4 (Last place)

Seaweed fibre t-shirts

Design 5 (Fifth place)

Seaweed fibre t-shirts

Design 6 (Forth place)

Seaweed fibre t-shirts