The Current - News and Interviews

  • UK Manufacturing here we come!

    Exactly 1 year on from when we launched our Kickstarter to create a T-shirt range made using seaweed fibre, we are super pleased, ecstatic in fact!...to announce we are just about to start manufacturing our own SeaBlend T-shirt range here in the UK.
  • Feedback to win!

    Would you like to win one of our new UK manufactured T-shirts containing seaweed?

    If you supported the Kickstarter or have bought one of our SeaBlend T-shirts (containing seaweed) we need your feedback.

    You may have heard the news but we are now manufacturing our own T-shirt range (containing seaweed) here in the UK.
  • Save up to 50%!

    Hey! Happy New Year!

    We hope you all enjoyed the festive period and everyone is safe and well.

    We've just gone live with our biggest sale yet.  Simple enough, you can now save up to 50% on all our in stock eco friendly clothing and accessories.  We have also added 10% off our Print on Demand clothing too. Enjoy!

  • The Current - December

    Happy Christmas! 

    What an incredible year it's been, the highlight was obviously our successful Kickstarter to create a T-Shirt range made using seaweed fibre.  That project seems to have ignited our business gaining world wide exposure and helping to highlight seaweed as a serious way to contribute to solving the climate crisis.

  • Opps! We Greenwashed ourselves...

    So, we may have made a BIG mistake and accidentally 'greenwashed' ourselves...

    Since COP26 we have had a rethink as we realised making a statement such as 'we plant a tree to offset our carbon footprint' was effectively a true eco warriors worst nightmare...

  • Eco Christmas Gift ideas

    Dreaming of a sustainable Christmas? 

    It's a difficult one to make happen, but we are here to help with our guide to Christmas gift ideas.  This includes, hand illustrated maps printed on sustainable bamboo paper, hand knit socks made from Merino Wool, plus a variety of clothing for men, women and kids...

    Plus you now save 20% on any bundle!  

  • The Current - November

    Yesterday I was scraping ice off the van windscreen at 7am, ice!  That must mean Winter is around the corner and with hundreds of golden leaves piling up and the smell of fireworks everywhere, it's definitely Autumn.
  • Our New Autumn Collection

    Our Autumn Collect has arrived, hoodies and sweaters all made from a luxurious organic cotton and recycled blend. 

    Inspired by the ocean and living in the peaks, ethically made and always posted out using biodegradable packaging.

  • The Current - October

    October is our favourite month here at Inland Sea.  The sea is still warm, and we have already been getting a taste of good decent waves.  The sunlight is more playful and the colours are changing, it also means we are getting closer to snow fall and cold weather. 

    Check out what we've been up to and our plans for the Autumn. 

  • The Current - September Plans

    Waving goodbye to Summer!

    The holidays are (almost) over, the kids are heading back to school and there's definitely a chill in the air already...

    So, what are our plans for September!?

  • Print on Demand

    We officially launch our Print on Demand service.  This means less waste, more availability of sizes, colours and styles delivered directly to your home.

    We will only print the garments you order which means less waste as we will never end up with wasted surplus stock. It also means we can supply pretty much all sizes and you have a wider choice of designs and colours across more styles.

    You can even try on the garments before you buy in our shop in Macclesfield to ensure the size and fit is good, then we can take the order to be delivered to you within 7 days... 

  • A Change Is Gonna Come

    To end Plastic Free July, it only seems right to push to use what we think could completely replace plastic based polyester in clothing. 

    Rather than looking at recycling polyesters or even using rPET (recycled plastic bottles) we believe we need solutions which are carbon positive and are also good for you when worn. 

    You may have already guessed, but we believe that solution can be found in seaweed, want to learn more?