Women's Deep Ocean SeaBlendUK T-shirt

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We urgently need to change the way fashion is consumed around the globe, in order to mitigate the devastating effects, fast fashion has on our planet.

As a team of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists, here at Inland Sea we’re passionate about our world and what we can do to protect it. We’ve been on a mission to change fashion from the inside out, looking at the supply chain, workers rights and the material our clothes are made from.

After learning that most ‘organic’ cotton isn’t actually traceable, therefore there’s no real way to prove how ‘organic’ the cotton is, nor can we prove the exact processes and working conditions that the cotton has been farmed in. We therefore started to look at fully traceable cotton, cotton that you are able to trace right back to the farmers field.

It was vital to us that the process was completed right here in the UK, to ensure we had full control and to also vastly reduce our carbon footprint. And, in the same breath, also help the UK start to manufacture clothing again, but this time in a truly sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical way. This led us to work with the only commercially running cotton spinners in the UK, English Fine Cottons who also sourced fully traceable cotton.

We have now created our very own fabric, the first of it’s kind to be made in the UK from raw fibres; SeaCell and fully traceable Australian Super Cotton.

We know exactly where every element of the material has come from, who has made the fabric and end garment. We believe, the fabric blend is one of the most ethically, sustainable and environmentally ever made.

Where the UK once gave birth to the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 20th Century we believe we’re now at the beginning of the next revolution, the Green Revolution.

Pre-order available now.

Delivery expected 15th July.

Made from 30% raw SeaCell fibre, imported to the UK in March 2022.  Blended with 67% Australian Super Cotton.  3% elastane which makes up the neck line only.

Luxuriously soft and strong fabric, which contains natural antibacterial qualities to keep it fresher much longer than average T-shirts.  This means you don't have to wash it as often and therefore save energy. 


Care instructions
Machine wash cold or at 30C
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean
Do not iron on print

We currently post everything by Royal Mail, using 1st Class Recorded or 2nd Class Recorded delivery for all orders. 

We only use 100% biodegradable packaging made from corn.  Our packages are designed to be reused and will arrive with an extra sticky film, so you can easily reuse.

We will be launching packing made from 100% seaweed, which is also biodegradable.

Returns & Exchanges

You can return your item within 30 days, as long as it has not been worn or used we are happy to refund the full amount once returned.

Exchanges are free of charge, however we encourage you to use our size system which allows you to enter your exact size and specification for each garment.

As exchanges may still be made to order please allow up to 7 days for delivery, although if you contact us early we can ensure this is ordered and sent out as soon as the return is received.

Please return exchanges to;

Inland Sea, The Old Sunday School
Roe Street
SK11 6UT

If you have any questions please email:  info@inlandsea.co.uk

Yarn spun here in the north west of England

Made right here in the north of England, we have spun our very own yarn at English Fine Cottons in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester.

The yarn is then sent to Leicester for knitting and dyeing then finally back to English Fine Cottons for sewing.  The T-shirts are then printed in Stockport, ready for distribution.

English Fine Cottons boast a state of the art cotton mill, using the very latest technology resulting in the most modern, efficient and productive compact ring spinning system in the world.

They are also able to source fully traceable cotton which you can read about below.

Fully traceable cotton right back to the farmer's field

Made from a cotton called Australian Super Cotton, a long staple (fibre) length, which means you can create a stronger garment or textile. As you don't need to use as much yarn it therefore means fewer fibres which adds to the softness of the fabric and creates a more luxurious feel. The raw premium cotton feels very soft and silky, with a bit of a shine to it, similar to wool.

This cotton we can trace all the way back to the farmers field to ensure it is farmed ethically and everyone involves benefits from the production.

Cotton blended with SeaCell™ for the first time in the UK

We are the first business to import SeaCell™ into the UK and blend it with cotton. This T-shirt, is therefore, a part of history!

Together with our partnership with English Fine Cottons, we have developed the first UK made fabric made using SeaCell™.

The blending process was mastered at English Fine Cottons this year, with a 30% SeaCell™ and 70% Australian Super Cotton mix. The result is an incredibly soft and very strong fabric.

Photo: Adam (right) being handed the first ever SeaCell and Cotton yarn spun in the UK at English Fine Cottons.

Why have we used SeaCell™?

SeaCell™ has so many benefits to you when worn. The fabric is soft on your skin and is naturally absorbent of moisture, meaning it stays fresher for longer.

Ideal for everyday wear, and hot, humid environments. It is also perfect for sportswear and outdoor activities.

The fibre contains a high level of antioxidants, which effectively catch the free radicals we are exposed to every day, which can damage our skin cells.

100% natural fibre which contains seaweed

Made from renewable raw resources, a mix of wood pulp and seaweed are brought together to produce one of the most sustainable fibres available.

Seaweed when it grows, can sequester up to 20 times more carbon than the equivalent land based forest. This is one of the reasons why we want to promote the use of seaweed as an alternative material for fashion.

The fibre through a patented process retains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals that are present in the seaweed.

Guaranteed and certified by a multitude of institutes including the EU-Ecolabel and meets the requirements according to OEKO-Tex 100 certified for baby products.

Wild harvested Icelandic seaweed

SeaCell™ contains a brown seaweed called Ascophyllum Nodosum or Knotted Wrack. The seaweed is harvested in the cold and pure fjords of Iceland.

Reaching far into the mainland, the estuaries are surrounded mostly by very steep mountainous slopes, which present a pristine natural paradise for animals and sealife. The fjords are barely populated. No wastewater and no ships pollute the naturally preserved microcosm.