We run x4 community projects per year. These projects are focused on local and international issues that we (and you!) passionately believe need awareness and money raised to help solve and address them.

If you have a project you would like us to consider, please fill out the simple form here and will get back to you!

    Manchester Bee T-Shirt

    Our first ever t-shirt we produced was the Manchester Bee, designed by our good friend Beth Travers. This design was actually the catalyst of how Inland Sea began. When the Manchester bomb happened, we produced a t-shirt to help raise month for the victims and their families.

    The 2nd edition of this print now helps to raise awareness and money for homeless people in Manchester. Homelessness is an epidemic, but what many people don’t realise is that people who are homeless can have mental health issues. This is where the incredible work at Mustard Tree in Manchester can have a massive impact. Mustard Tree help get homeless people to gain a purpose in life so they can gain skills and experience to get back on the job ladder and rebuild their lives.

    Show your love of this community project and #manchesterbee

    • x35 t-shirts sold so far!
    • £250 rasied
    • Mustard Tree Manchester

    A Guide to Great Women T-shirt

    Your mum is a great woman, right!?! We teamed up with comedian and writer Victoria Cook to raise awareness just how great women are!

    We created the Guide to Great Women t-shirt, which aims to celebrate influential women from all over the world who have helped make massive changes for people and women in-particular.

    We have raised £220 so far for Newcastle Women’s Aid.

    Share your love of this project #internationalwomensday

    • x25 t-shirts sold
    • £220 rasied
    • Newcastle Woman’s Aid


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