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The first-ever online resource for sustainable grassroots businesses, organisations and charities.

After setting up Inland Sea 3 years ago, it has enabled me to connect with so many like for like businesses who are all trying to make a living in a world that is so driven by consumerism, high advertising budgets and corporate greed which as we all know is rapidly destroying our planet.

In these difficult times there is also massive opportunity, which can come from grassroots ideas and individuals. This is such an exciting time to be alive!

We’re on a mission to beat the large corporations through an uprising of local, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurs, organisation and charities.


This idea was born out of me searching for sustainable brands that I knew existed but were either too hard to find or didn’t have websites. I also knew a lot of amazing sustainable craftsman and women through Instagram but again did not have a web presence.

In such a super competitive and difficult place to be discovered as an ethical brand which we all know we would simply love so much more and would be better made the frustrating part is getting the word out, our Ethical Pages hopes to solve this issue, given you a platform and community to connect your business up and promote your sustainable product or service, you are a ceramic potter through to grassroots zero waste shop.

If you want to be considered please fill out the little form below and Adam will be in contact with the next steps. The listing is completely free, you just need to provide a description of what you do and a link to your website or social media page



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