Welcome to our EcoLab

Project (1). Accountability is Sustainability

Project running: April 2022-July 2022

This year we have started to manufacture our own yarn, here in the UK. The yarn is being made from SeaCell and Australian 'Super' Cotton which is being spun at our partners, English Fine Cotton, Cotton Mill in the North West of England. We will then go onto knit the yarn into fabric ready for dyeing and finally sewing into T-shirts. We therefore have full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process.

For this project we will be documenting every aspect of the manufacturing process including;

• Full traceability of the supply chain

• The transport used

• The working environments

• The energy used

• The costs

We will be using Blockchain technology to record the full chain to create the end garment, where this information will be available via a QR code which will come with every T-shirt.

The purpose of this project is to prove to consumers how we can manufacture in the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly way. It will also show people the cost involved and the value that should be given to every day items we need such as T-shirts.

We hope to prove a climate positive clothing range, and use this data and information to ensure we improve on this everytime the process is repeated.

We are working with 2 academics on this project; Ngaire Takano and Helena Pribly. You can read about their background and also what their involvement will be below.

Helena Pribyl

Project (2): Drop in

Project running: October 2019 on-going

In 2019 we chatted on our podcast with Jennifer Wood, from Dirtbags Climbing Co up in the Lakes. They make amazing climbing gear made from up-cycled climbing equipment such as climbing rope. We talked about how wetsuits can't be recycled and will only end up in landfill often after limited use, so we decided to create some up-cycled products such as the Human Coaster, a matt to get changed on.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have now collected literally 1000s of wetsuits and are currently working on a new project to up-cycle into bags and accessories.

If you have an old wetsuit which you need to chuck out, please don't! Send to us and we will give it a completely new lease of life.

We will give you 25% off in store per wetsuit you send.*

If you can ensure the wetsuit is clean and dry.

Please send your old wetsuits to;

Inland Sea, The Old Sunday School, Roe Street, Macclesfield SK11 6UT