Episode 7 – Anxiety and mental health with Chris Taylor

Learn why Adam has come up with a new medical condition called ‘Social Media Meltdown’.  We also chat with Chris Taylor, a counsellor who specialises in anxiety. We thought it would be good to pick his brains about the current pandemic and in-particular climate change and coping strategies for you and your family members.


Episode 6 – Pandemic and the climate with Alanna Shaikh

Adam and Victoria chew the fat about understanding Geordie family members on Zoom, animals taking over our cities and people throwing rocks at Vic’s car.  This week’s chat is with global heath expert Alanna Shaikh about the current status of the coronavirus outbreak and how climate change might contribute to increase of more pandemics in the future.


Episode 5 – A New World with Ruth Wright Extinction Rebellion

Ruth Wright is currently Extinction Rebellion’s Editor In Chief. Adam and Vic were lucky enough to catch an interview with Ruth while she was a volunteer team leader in Kenya earlier this year. Vic digs in deep to find the answers we are all wondering about how Extinction Rebellion works behind the scenes and Adam and Ruth chat about police, arrests and how to involve the whole family in Extinction Rebellion’s peaceful protests.


Episode 4 – Plastic Freedom with Beth Noy

Adam and Victoria chat about how climate change and businesses have been effected by Coronavirus, why Victoria almost got into a brawl in the local Sainsburys and how Adam is finding the transition from workaholic to work-from-home-aholic.  This week’s interview is with the fascinating Beth Noy, director of Plastic Freedom.


Episode 3 – Extreme Weather, Surf and Climate with Tony Butt

It’s a tough one as we are now in the 2nd week of isolation and lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The interview with Tony was recorded a month before this all happened but there is so much in this which is still relevant and can help with us all to move forward under the current circumstances.


Episode 2 – RE-USE not RECYCLE with Less Waste Laura

We recorded this 2nd episode in February, before the Coronavirus Pandemic. But released it in March so we chat a bit about what is happening surrounding that situation and our thoughts moving forward. The next 3 episodes of the Podcast were all recorded pre the pandemic, but out introductions and general chat are current. Less Waste Laura talks about how we can live a minimalistic lifestyle where we no longer even need to recycle. Now more than ever in our life times can we relook at our lives and make changes like what we talk to Laura about here. Enjoy!


Episode 1 – Green Politics With Sian Berry

Our first episode!  We are in Portugal, and chat about the current state of plastic pollution and surfing in sewage!  Our special guest this week is London Major candidate and co-leader of the UK’s Green Party, Sian Berry. Learn about how becoming an activist, the climate crisis and how you can switch to a green energy supplier.  



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