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Five Oceans EcoFin Thruster

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Super happy to source these fins, we have 5 sets up for grabs.  Designed in Australia, performance thruster fins for FCS fin setup.

Made from recycled plastics found on beaches in Bali, Indonesia.

The EcoFin story:

The ecoFin is the premier product by the team at Five Oceans and is the result of years of product development and testing. Inspired into action by the massive amounts of plastic pollution swamping surf breaks in Bali, the ecoFin takes waste from the beaches of Bali and Indonesia and transforms it into a high-performance surfboard fin. As surfers, we can now be part of the solution in the fight against ocean pollution!

Our clothing is made from a variety of materials which can include:

Organic cotton

Sustainably made organic cotton, always sourced from ethical farmers. Organic cotton never uses any nasty pesticides or chemicals, it is as natural as it can be.

Seaweed fibre

We are trying to introduce seaweed fibre into all our clothing and see seaweed as a complete game changer in the fashion industry. We currently use SeaCell.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

We currently use recycled plastic bottles in a lot of our clothing. This replaces having to use virgin polyesters and helps to keep plastic out of our oceans.