Our Story

Although Adam was born an ‘inlander’, he spent much of his childhood by the sea. Bundled into the back of the car with his siblings and driven to the Welsh coast, weekends and holidays were filled with endless beach days.

The sea became an instant obsession, a place of refuge and a source of joy. He dreamt of living by the ocean, and along with his brother and their buddies, he taught himself to surf.

20 years later, Adam and his friends formed Inland Sea, an ethical clothing brand inspired by city life and the constant call to the coast. Rooted in adventure, we create apparel for people who pursue a life of activity wherever they live – people who spend their daily commute dreaming of the ocean or longing for some fresh mountain air.

But Inland Sea is about so much more than hoodies and t-shirts.

Less than a month after the brand’s launch, David Attenborough showed the world what so many surfers already knew – our oceans are full of plastic pollution.

Dividing his time between Manchester and Anglesey, Adam had always believed there’s a clear link between the litter lining city streets and the single-use plastic found in the sea.

Protecting the planet and promoting positive climate action are central to our ethos. By using 100% recycled material throughout the range, we weave our core values into every garment we create.

Because whether they’re born inland or beside the sea, future generations deserve endless beach days too.

We Believe

• We believe in adventure.

• We believe in escaping the city and heading to the coast whenever you can.

• We believe in bringing friends, family, your kids and the dog along for the ride.

• We believe in sand between your toes and wind in your hair, saltwater splashing as you paddle out to sea.

• We believe in sun, sea and surf, blustery beach walks, and bracing winter swims.

• We believe in The Great Outdoors, riding waves, climbing mountains and hiking in the woods.

• We believe future generations should be free to enjoy these things for many years to come.

• And we believe everyone has a role to play in protecting our oceans and saving the planet.

The Mission

At Inland Sea, we want to change the world.

Sounds like a big dream, right? An impossible goal. But why not?

To change the world, we first have to change ourselves. Change our mindset, change our habits and our behaviours. That’s why we’re building a brand with education, awareness and climate action at its core.

If we want to protect the planet, people must feel the natural world is beautiful, important and valuable. That’s why we’re creating clothes that celebrate the sea and encourage adventure. They’re ethically made from 100% recycled material and organic cotton, so every stitch reflects our commitment to the environment.

We exist to protect the outdoors and build a community around environmental appreciation.

T-shirts made using seaweed fibre